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Geplaatst: 4 May 2021

The Virtual Office: is this the new normal?

A Virtual Office was once considered a niche, and now businesses all across the Netherlands (and the world) are making use of the possibility to have their business address in a prestigious location without the costs and difficulties of physically renting the space. What’s changed?

COVID-19 and the shift to telework in the Netherlands

Well, for starters, the Covid-19 pandemic shifted the way that we organize our office spaces, maybe forever. Covid-19 shook up the traditional idea of an office space: the brick-and-mortar office, with employees making long commutes to sit at their desks sending emails and performing tasks using software they have access to at home.

Since gathering face to face became a health hazard, companies have had to adapt and be flexible. Workers all across the globe ended up teleworking from home. The initial rush was hectic: companies were forced to shift all face-to-face meetings to virtual office spaces, like Zoom, Slack, and Teams, while workers struggled to balance home-life and the stress of the pandemic.

Surprising stats on remote work have offices rethinking their model

At some point everyone got the hang of it, and now, 54% of workers say that they would prefer to continue working from home, if given the choice. While some struggled to focus alongside their other obligations at home, many came to enjoy the increased flexibility they were awarded by remote work.

Worker preference for more flexibility is only one factor that has led 82% of companies to say they plan to keep using a hybrid model of work going forward – that is, allowing employees to work remotely for some of the time.  What maybe came as a surprise to companies is that remote work does not reduce productivity, and even increases productivity in some cases.

If the same quality of work can be accomplished just as productively in a remote virtual office space, then the justification for going back to the old model of physical office spaces seems to fall apart. It’s more expensive to have a physical office space for people to use. Rent, commuting costs, furniture, equipment, cleaning, reception, etc., all add up. And for the extra costs, it seems to provide little benefit.

Of course, a company cannot do with no office at all – they need an address for registration with the chamber of commerce, a business address for correspondence with clients, a mailing address, and the space to sometimes do some work and hold meetings with team members and clients.

The Virtual Office: A solution for companies  

This is precisely where a Virtual Office comes in. With a Virtual Office from Amsterdam Coworking, a company can have a virtual address in the Netherlands without renting a physical office. A Netherlands-based company can still make use of flex-desks or the meeting room for when face-to-face collaboration with employees and clients just cannot be avoided.

The rest of the time, money will be saved on renting an office space while employees work from wherever they are. Whether that’s at home or on a sun-splashed terrace of a local cafe, we are not here to judge!

In fact, you don’t even have to be located in Holland to rent a Virtual Office from Amsterdam Coworking – you will have the value of a registered business address in Amsterdam, even if you live and work in Berlin, New York, or somewhere warm and tropical (if that’s you, we will try our best to contain our jealousy!)

The future for your company

Maybe your company is already part of the world-wide shift towards hybrid/remote work, and you’re tired of paying the high costs for a mostly-empty physical office in the Netherlands. Maybe your company is just getting started and you want to keep startup costs on office-rental low. Maybe your business doesn’t even have employees and so an office space just isn’t necessary. Regardless of which category you fall into, your company could benefit from shifting to a Virtual Office. We can’t say for certain if this will be the “new normal” in a post-pandemic world, but we do know that the benefits of a Virtual Office are hard to deny.

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in a Virtual Office at Amsterdam Coworking!

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Geplaatst: 17 December 2020

Reducing Stress at Work

2020 has been the most stressful year many of us have ever faced. Stress occurs when we feel things are out of our control, and this year we have suddenly been faced with a massive load of external factors that we cannot control at the office, at home, and in our communities.

For those still working during this pandemic, stress can build up and make it feel impossible to get anything done. Common causes of stress at the office are excessive workloads, lack of opportunity to grow in one’s career, low salaries, distractions, unclear expectations, and fear of being disciplined, fired, or let go. Many of these stressors have been exacerbated by the pandemic’s effect on business.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce stress at work. The goal is to change what you can, and accept the things which you cannot change.

Change what you can

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Adjust your work environment

 Get organized and prioritize

A major cause of stress can be the feeling that there are too many things to do at once and never being able to really focus on any of them.

 Set and maintain boundaries

Stress often arises when our boundaries are being crossed, which may be happening without us realizing it.

Communicate Honestly

Take care of your health

We know this is easier said than done, but if you start by changing small habits and try to do them each day, eventually they will become second nature.

Take time to recharge during the workday

Working straight through the day will wear you down and reduce productivity in the end. You need to recharge yourself to stay focused and calm.

mindfulness - a boy sites underneath a brain and many thoughts

Work on your mental state

Your subjective view of your situation has a huge impact on how you feel in that space. If you view it as a negative or stressful place, shifting your perspective can make a big difference.

Accept what you cannot change

Even if you have done all of these things, keep in mind that stressful external circumstances will still arise! Once you’ve adjusted your environment and your own habits, the rest is out of your control, and when things are not ideal, you simply must accept the reality.

You will be surprised how much comfort this can produce. Once the things you can control are under control, the rest won’t feel like a problem at all. You will be able to show up, meet yourself where you are at that day, be honest with those around you about your needs, execute what you can, and let the rest go.

We’re here to help

If there’s anything we can do to reduce your work stress, get in touch with us! For example, if you sign up for a virtual office, we will process your mail for you, taking that task off your hands.  If you cannot afford to rent an office, the virtual office allows you to have a business address away from home that you can use for kvk registration. If you are not able to focus at home, you can make use of one of our flexdesks / coworking spaces.

We hope you stay safe and stress-free this year and beyond!

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