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Continuation of ‘new meeting room’

Continuation of ‘new meeting room’

At Amsterdam Coworking we have adjusted a few things in our meeting rooms.

We recently installed new curtains that have a high length as the height is 4.20 m.

The curtains are suede fabric and gray in color. We chose them because they suit the meeting room very well in terms of style.

We also recently fitted our en suite doors with a soundproof wall and in front of it an image with a work of art by Rembrandt’s Night Watch. This work of art dates from the 17th century, also known as the Golden Age, and fits well with the meeting room.

We also plan to equip the 1st meeting room with a similar art poster of the Mona Lisa in the near future. This artwork was created by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. The world-famous work of art dates from the 16th century and is currently in the Louvre museum in Paris.

We provide the most beautiful meeting rooms with a stylish and luxurious look and we offer this for a very competitive price.

You may be interested in obtaining a luxury business registration address in Amsterdam. This can be useful for registering your company or company with the Chamber of Commerce. You are also “located” at a luxurious building in the center of Amsterdam.

We offer you the opportunity to receive your business partners in one of our stylish and modern meeting rooms in a luxurious and practical setting.

We also have a beautiful screen with Full HD resolution on which you can, for example, display PowerPoint presentations. The TV screen is also very suitable for holding business Skype video calls with your business partners. You can decide for yourself how you plan to divide your meeting room when you receive people with us. There is the possibility to set up the tables in the meeting room in, for example, a U shape. Some of our desks are extendable for extra space to store items. If you still need more information, please fill in the contact form that can be found on the Amsterdam Coworking website.


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